Iya itu harus di inggrisin dan pake kalimat lampau...:)
jadi cuman nulis pengalaman pribadi biasa gitu kan? cuman diinggrisin pake bahasa baku :)
yap, nggak usah baku juga gpp, asal past..
iya de gitu...:)
iya iya kak makasih bantuannya hehe :)
iyo sama2...:)
Iya, bisa juga kayak gitu, yng mana karangannya itu bentuknya past tense(using past)V2

ini aku punya contoh recount .. :)

Percy Buttons          
I have just moved to a house in bridge street.Yesterday a beggar knocked at my door.He asked me for a meal and a glass of beer . In return for this ,the beggar stood on his head and sang songs.I gave him a meal , he ate a food and drank the beer .Then he put a piece of cheese in his pocket and went away .Later a neighbour told me about him .Every body knows him .His name is Percy Buttons.He calls at every house in the street once a month and always asks for a meal and glass of the beer.
Is a fun experience who i have , but now Percy buttons never here again , i asks to my neighbour in front of my house, and my neighbour said “Percy buttons has moved to other town and look for a job” , i’m very miss his voice ,but he is not here again,i just can pray in order to he can be a succesman there.
okeey makasih kak ;)
he'emm,,yeah,not at all ;)