tokoh manusia yah k.? klo krtun.?
jdikan yang terbaik yah kak. :)
Kristen Bell yang jadi Anna di Disney Frozen, Jack frost di Rise of the guardians, Parker crain di insidious 2
ciri2nya, yg Anna itu she love her sister, not scare for anything although she'll hurt
yg Jack frost, he love child, he had a power to make a snow,
yg parker crine, he claimed his mom to kill everyone when his tooth was released


Dora The Explorer

2.never say die
8.beautiful friends the range animals love

mksi yah kk...
jadikan yang terbaik yah kk. :)
Eric Delko (CSI Miami)
1. Good looking
2. tough
3. smart
4. careful
5. obedience
6. 6-pack body
7. fingerprint master
8. DNA finder
9. Trimmed curly black hair
10. Cuban Russian 
11. tall
12. Dilligent
13. loves marine, and all about water
14. good-built body

Ray Langston (CSI Crime Scene Investigation)
1. dark skin
2. stubborn
3. fat
4. strong
5. bad eye sight
6. clever
7. tall
8. reckless
9. revenge thirst
10. easy to angry

Horatio Caine (CSI Miami)
1. Blonde Hair
2. 45-55 years (old adult)
3. handsome
4. blue colored eyes
5. sunglasses lover
6. good posture body
7. good chemist
8. good leader
9. respectful person
10. bad humor sense
11. unique hair
12. so tough
13.  smart person
14. lovely person
15. usually wear black.


saya senang sekali dengan CSI so....