I love my library because it takes me places.
Snow on mountains, blue moons, lilacs in spring,
smell of rain after a dry spell in summer,
roar of model airplane engines, purring sleeping kitten,
pink lady slippers, yellow adder tongues,
sound as driver hits a golf ball, rainbows
after storm, crowds at baseball games,
taste of blackberry wine, hearing a new joke,
visiting with a friend, reading a good book
the first time or the second
if it is well written, multi-colored maple leaves,
smell of ocean on a hot afternoon in August,
walking alone in a forest as the sun nears the horizon,
feel of ice cold Coke in hot weather,
smell of new-mown hay, violets and mayflowers,
burning leaves, pick-up football games,
cumulonimbus clouds driven by west wind:
resemble pirate ships.
Milky Way a white fog.
I lie and look up wondering.
A school library is a place where the school keeps their books that can or may be shown to their students. a school library is often used by the students to be a place to finish their homework during school break or at the end of the school. but it can also be used for those who wants to or are interested in reading bokks
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