A : Good morning. B : Good morning.

A : Where have you been? B : I’m from toilet. It’s so disgusting.
A : What’s the matter? B : Bad smell came out from the gent’s toilet when I passed through.

A : Oh, our friends don’t pay attention to clean environment. B : I think so. The toilet is the least example. Look another place. Garbage is found everywhere
A : Yea, It’s embarrassing. Do you think the other schools have the same habits like our friends. B : Some schools have a good rule to reduce the violation.

A : Example. B : They apply a heavy punishment to whom not to pay attention to keep clean.

A : How to do that? B : They have CCTV to control specific area.
 A : Wow, that’s cool. Our school should take it as an example. B : Yes, exactly.

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Trescha: "Hai Raya, what are you doing?".
Raya: "You don't know what i do?"
Trescha: "Yeah... I see!!!.. you eating junk food ya!."
Raya:"Thats right!" what about you ask to me?"
Trescha:"No.. I just tell you for "Dont wasting your trash anywhere".
Raya: "So, Problem for you if I'm wasting my trash with careless?"
Trescha: "You should remember, your earth your life. so, you should safe this earth!"
Raya: "Yeah, up to you. i will follow your attetion".
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