Morning friends, I will to tell you about my school. For now, I am school in senior high school. My school The name is SMA N 13 Bekasi, and the address at pariwisata raya Street, Rawalumbu. I need about 20 minutes to drive from my home. My school not big and not small, but is nice and clean.  My school has 1 parkings area in front of my school. Ok next. My school has many classroom. There are 6 rooms for 12 grade, 5 rooms for 11 grade, 8 rooms for 10 grade. Hmm, my school has 19 classroom. My school has 3 canteens, cooperation, concleting room,and Official room. My school has a auditory. My school has 5 laboratory, such as : Biology Laboratory, Phisyc Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory, Language laboratory, and IT rooms. My school has one library. When I am bored, I usually come to this place. Don’t think if about me will borrow or read books. I come to there for watching the TV. The Library is beside the UKS rooms. In the school yard there some trees. And it’s all about my school. I think all of you very know abot my school. Because you and me school in the same school. Thank you.