Ada beberapa motion debate bahasa inggris nih
1. this house believe that english is not important
2. this house believe that math should be banned from school
3. this house believe that sex is not tabooting in indonesia
4. this house believe that HBO and cinemax are banned from the tv cabel

minta pendapat negative (kamu tidak setuju) dan positive (kamu setuju) tentang motion diatas ya :) makasi



1. this house believe english is not important.
positive: because there are someone who forget about their own culture after they had leaned english. if they keep doing that, they will lost their identity as Indonesian people.
negative; if we can't speak english well, how we could join the globalisation and not being left behind. And english is now become very important in our daily life too. And people with good english capability will get bigger opportunity to get a job in a big cooperation.
State number 1 : negative. because for now, english is the most universal language we use
state number 2 : negative. why it would be banned? it's important subject.
state number 3 : negative. I've answered this before :)
state number 4 : neutral. I don't have tv cable lol