make dialogue following the require:
- ask his/her hobby? and why does she/he like it.
- give good comment to your friend's hobby
- tell about your own hobby and ask your friend's opinion about it (*hobby nya reading sama playing guitar)
- ask your friend to repeat again what she/he says
- ask your friend to join you when you do your hobby sometimes



Jawaban paling cerdas!
Lala : Hey Lili, whats your hobby? Lili : Well, my hobby is reading Lala : Why you like reading? Lili : Because reading is the windows of world..reading is one step to cacth the succes. Lala : Well, you're absolutely right. I'd like too. But I prefer playing guitar than reading. Lili : whats the reason? Lala : Because I have a idol who can playing guitar so perfect. I'm so admire it! Lili : Who is? Lala : Jason Mraz? Lili : What? Can you repeat it, please? Lala : J-A-S-O-N M-R-A-Z Lili : Ooh... yeah, he's so nicely in the music art. I'd like him too. Lala : By the way, do you want to join me to go to the music concert in Jakarta tomorrow? I will play the guiter. Come on, thats the first I plays guitar in the public. Wanna you? Lili : Why not? I will go with you, sweety. But, I wanna buy some books. Wanna you to accompany me to buy the books after your music concert? Lala : Yeah I will.. all right see you tomorrow! Lili : Of course. byeee!!
Tolong tanda terimakasihnya dan Jadikan yang terbaik. yaaaa :)))