One day,something happened which really changed the lives of two girls,rosalind and celia.there was a wrestling tournament at the court.che tosarles,a famous wrestler,had come to display his strength and skill .he wrestling with three brothers and defeated them all easily,one after the other.then,still fresh and smiling,he was ready for his fourth opponent.
the fourth opponent was a noble and handsome youth,much younger than charles . the girls pitied him instanly and begged him not to wrestly ."charles is an extremely strong fighter .he will kill you",they told him "you have no chance of winning.dont risk your life !"
"ladies,i thank you for your kindness"the young man replied."let him kill me .it doesnt matter ,because i have no frriends to grieve over my death ." strength ," she told him,"but i would add that to yours."the young man smiled gratefully at her .then he turned away from the ladies to face charles,the champion wrestler .the match began.
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