1. I have a big unicorn toy. It's very beautiful, my mother give me a unicorn toy last week. It is made from cloth, cotton , etc. It has a horn on the head
 I have two rabbit. their color is black and white. their has silky fur, two long ears, and small tail. Their name is Lala and Bobo. Their have seven bunnies,they are very cute. I love them .
I have a beautiful cat doll called Monie. He is very cute and funny. Monie small and colorful. Her hair has three colors, black, white and yellow. Black fur on its body, white on the tail and legs, and a yellow around the stomach, face and leher.SAYA Always Playing with a cute cat dolls Monie And I love her
i have a dol my dol like shape circle, and that things has colour is white and black i very love my doll.
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errrrm, maaf, enggak bermaksud menyinggung, tapi mau koreksi dikit boleh ya, hehe
1) *my mother gave me...
2) *two rabbits *They have seven bunnies
3) *Monie is small and colorfull *She is very cute... (Monie cewek kan??) *face and neck *I always play with her and I love her
4) maaf, tapi aku nggak paham yang ini maksudnya gimana (owo)a
I have an old story book. It was my from my grandma. I love it very much. The stories inside are interesting and amazing. Even though I've read it many times, I never get bored of it.
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