Make dialogue following the require:
- ask his/her hobby? and why does she/he like it.
- give good comment to your friend's hobby
- tell about your own hobby and ask your friend's opinion about it
- ask your friend to repeat again what she/he says
- ask your friend to join you when you do your hobby sometimes



Hi jono, what is your hobby? I like singing wow.. why you like it? bcs......... thats very good, you will become s singer... i hope so, why about yr hobby jen? oh I like climbing, why your opinion about it?? i think that so excited what? i didnt catch what you say, here so crowded oh yeah i think climbing is the axcited hobby.. yeah abaolutly, would you want to follow my trip to climb the jayawijaya mountain? ?? finish :) smoga membantu.. goodluck
tolong buatkan 1 lagi ya tapi hobinya reading sama playing guitar. makasih ;)
singing sm climbingnya ganti ajaaa :)