Tolong di jawab dengan baik, kalo bisa dalam bahasa inggris
1. Apa arti persahabatan menurut kamu?
2. Apa yang kamu lakukan jika sahabatmu menghianati kamu?
3. Apa yang kamu lakukan jika temanmu mengalami kesusahan?



1. friend ship is a friend that we have that always with you and defend you if you right and give you suport if you feel loose
2. maybe i will angry and give a advice how to be my good friends
3.i help her/him, i give advice,support,meke he/she laugh and kidding like before
semoga membantu,jadikan terbaik ya jawabanku,pliiss yaa
Someone whos always there for you and cares for you even while you might not be nice to them sometimes, and someone who appreciates the effort you put into helping them and returns the favour too. Also, a person who keeps you away from bad things no matter what :)
tolong ya jawabanku klik jawaban terbaik ^_^
1. the friendship is a term that describes the attitude of cooperation and mutual support between two or more social entities.
2. I feel sad, and that we didn't be mistaken , be mistaken...
3. keep calm and etc