Rina : hello, Dea. You are reading now,huh?
Dea : Hello, yes i am
Rina : Don't be so gassy. So what kind of book you are reading now?
Dea: Me? Its magazine
Rina : And the interesting thing about it?
Dea : well, its like cow. My friends told you was really diligent
Rina : Hmm... Thats not true. I'm justĀ  me
Dea : So, i still wondered who is our president is?
Rina : it was SBY,
Dea: and the vice?
Rina : It was boediono
Dea : Thats right! I remember it now. ANyway i had a few homework here.
Rina: So the interesting fact about cow?
Dea : you know? the farmer give magnet for cow to eat.
Rina : why?
Dea : the farmer didn't want some nails or anything hurt its intestine. aNd the magnet alittle big so it will stuck in gastrine.
Rina : whoa. Thats cool. Well, gotta cacth you later!
Dea :bye

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