An owl is a predatory nocturnal bird with large eyes and head, a short, sharply hooked bill, long, powerful talons and a circular facial disk of radiating feathers. They range from 6" inches to almost 3 feet tall and sometimes can be seen during the day, though they usually hunt at night. They eat lizards, mice, birds and other small prey.
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Yesterday, I saw a bird in a garden in a town in southern England. The bird was quite small (about 11-12cm) and it had a small beak. It was a very colourful bird. Its belly was yellow and its wings were mostly blue but with a white stripe, its back was a greeny-yellow colour, its face was white and its neck was black. Its eyes were black, too. It had a small blue cap on top of its head. The bird was eating some nuts from a feeder that I put in the garden for birds to eat.
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