Dialog :
at the supermarket
; hi a,  morning, how r u today?
b ; morning.. im fine and how about you?
a ; im fine too, thanks. by the way, what r u doing here?
b ; oh, im shopping and preparing ingredients for fruit salad, 
a ; fruit salad? yuum2 that's so delicious.. can i help u?
b ; yes of course, i need fruits, mayonaise, and cheese..
a : what kind of fruits? it's mayo and cheese, here u are
b ; melon, strawberry, blueberry, papaya, and mango 
a : ok, let's search together..
b : aha, i found them, they're in front of seafood corner..
a ; that's right,
b ; okay, thanks for helping
a ; ur'well , see you
monolog :
hello, my name is a, i'd like to tell you my favourite food., 
my favourite food is salad, fruit salad especially, fruit salad has many vitamin, it's good for ur body, i like to eat fruits too.. thanks.. 

maaf kalo salah
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