Change into passive voive !
1. It will bite you
2. His mother will take care of this
3. He can start the engine soon
4. We are going to sell the car
5. She is going to fix the rice cooker
6. We will organize it
7. We can do this
8. He must pay his debt
9. They said that they would buy the dictionary
10. You should not follow him

Bantu plis! :"



Jawaban paling cerdas!
1. You will be bitten by it
2. this will be taken care by his mother
3. the engine can be started by him soon
4. the car is going to be sold by us
5. the rice cooker is going to be fixed by her
6. it will be organized by us
7. this can be done by us
8. hid debt must be paid by him
9. they said the dictionary would be bought by them
10. he should not be followed by you
maaf kalau salah..
lebih bagus lagi kalo misalkan subject seperti by us, by him, atau subject lain yang tidak terlalu spesifik dihilangkan