Search funny story and identify some following expressions:
a. Expression of embarassment
b. Expression of annoyence
c. Expression of anger
d. Expression of love
e. Expression of agreement/disagreement
f. Expression of sadness

Tolong dijawab ya. Ini sangat penting. Thank you.




c. Expression of anger
In a remote village, cornered, isolated, and terangker (yes really bad ...?!)
so here's the story,, ...
There are crazy people who died in the village, a short story he died in the post Kamling.
VILLAGE CHIEF: so how the body, there is an argument?
RESIDENTS: Direct buried alone
VILLAGE CHIEF: No other ideas?
RESIDENTS: what if we use a banana leaf wrap it, if we do not take on a shroud.
VILLAGE CHIEF: it's okay then.
night at 7:30 corpse in the tomb, with only the use of banana leaves in the dressing.
once in the grave, the people go home.
after 7 last step, the grave was opened again, and the corpse was very angry with her ​​out to the citizens.
Pocong (corpse): hey people, the crazy huh. weve cave rice cake, use banana leaves.

because ultimately the pocong angry residents and village leaders were forced to change with banana leaf with the actual shroud.

That's all.

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