- it is carnivore
- it is mammals
- the nose is very sensitive
- it has mustaches 
- it has soft fur
- it has claw that can protect it
Size, which is small, the cat is not harmful to humans. the only hazards that can arise is the possibility of a rabid cat bites and scratches from cats nails sore and painful. cats can be fatal to an ecosystem that is not a natural shelter. in some cases contributed to or caused the extinction of cats. cat ambush and immobilize prey in a manner similar to lions and tigers, by biting the neck of prey with sharp canines that injure the spinal cord or cause suffocation prey to damaging the throat

cat is considered "perfect carnivore" with teeth and digestive tract are specially. premolars and first molars to form a pair of fangs on each side of the mouth that works effectively like a pair of scissors to tear the flesh. although these characteristics are also present in the family Canidae, or dog. but these traits better in cats. unlike other carnivores, cats hardly eating anything that contains plants.

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