1. this is my new car. 2. he has a big house. 3. the beautiful girl is my sister. 4. they are diligent. 5. it seems dangerous. 6. he looks tired. 7. I feel bad today. 8. it becomes complicated. 9. it sounds interesting. 10. the food smell good.
1. She is a beautiful girl
2. Look! There is a wonderful picture
3. He is busy right now
4. It is a cute pencil
5. That dress is mine. It looks elegant
6. The scenery is looks charming
7. My coffee is bitter than yours
8. I am grateful
9. Shinta is a glamorous girl
10. That snotty shoes are theirs


1, she has beautiful hair
2, Andy has an amazing house
3. Her brother is a naughty boy
4. that pirates has wooden leg
5, the man has Shiny shoes
6, my sisters buy these Wonderful island
7. Shuna is a kind girl
8. My father is a wise man
9. John sells that pretty necklace
10. my brother puts on that wet coat

7 3 7
This horse is aggressive, you have to be careful. I am busy right now, please call me later. I will buy brown bag for my sister. He is a brave man in this village. This coffee is bitter than before. The window is broken, so I am going to repair it tomorrow. This red car is cheap, but the black one is expensive and it looks elegant. She is very cute and beautiful. This box contains fresh fish. This thing is rare and valuable, it’s really hard to find it.
1 4 1