Apa morallity value dari cerita a kind rabbit?

A Kind Rabbit

Rabbit is an animal that is very funny and has a smooth hair and very
beautiful. However, there was a rabbit that was so different in this
story, because she had a rough and a dirty hair. Although she frequently
cleaned it, her hair was dirty again easily.

She was miserable and lived alone. She lived near the river and
separated from the others because no one else would make her as friend.
When she passed a group of rabbits, no one approached her or just to say
hello. However, they even taunted and threw dirt on her. But she was
never angry and kept to be steadfast in facing those humiliations. She
believed that someday the goodness would surely come to her.

One day, there was a handsome rabbit who became a wanderer. He was being
hurt by tree branch that punctured her stomach. She saw it and help
immediately. She brought the wanderer into her home to take care him
with a traditional medicine. The wanderer initially felt disgusted with
her because the bad smelling and her dirty. But the disgust was lost and
the wanderer was amazed and very grateful to her because of the

The rabbit was so excited because the wanderer had recovered. She was
asked by the wanderer, the wanderers said “Excuse me, why your hair is
rough and dirty?” She replied, “It is a disease that I have and so far, I
have not found the right medication, yet”. Then, she was asked by the
wanderer to follow him and visit a kingdom. In that kingdom, there was a
doctor who could cure all ills. She agreed and went with wanderer.
Several days later, they managed to meet the physician and she was
successfully cured. Apparently, after she recovered, she became very
beautiful and made the wanderer felt in love. They married and lived



Morale valuenya adalah : bahwa kita harus saling tolong menolong meskipun berbeda jenis.