Dita : Good morning,feza.
Feza : Morning. Do you bring my English Exercise book today?
Dita :  i forgot.
Feza: Dita, how many i tell don't be lazy.
Qiara : Dita... You forgot bring our group doll too?!
Dita : I forget about that too
Qiara : At least say sorry or anything sounds like apologizing. I feel annoyed about that.
Feza : Dita, you made a quite big mistakes today. And you don't apologize?
Qiara : Erh... then what do you want to say now?
Dita : Hey, Qi, You broke my pencilcase don't you?
Qiara : Thats not what we talked about now. I feel bad.
Feza :Okay, thats fine. Just bring it tomorrow.
Dita : Yups, Next time i'm sure i won't forget.
Qiara : And what about your Art Group?
Dita : Don't care...... um... well, sorry.
Dita run away.

Makasih @Aufa ..hehehe
@Ferli tak usah sungkam sungkam,per.... :P