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Asking and giving information
1. When did the accident happen ? It happened last night
2. How many seasons does Indonesia have ? 2 , it is rainy season and dry season
3. Who is the first Indonesia's President ? Soekarno
4. How to boil some eggs ? you need to cook water first than put the eggs into the hot water
5. Can you give me further information about the victims ? yes of course, the victim's name is Jono, tall, short hair, brown skin

Asking of Like
1. Do you like Ice cream ? Yes i really love it
2. which one do you prefer , the black or the blue ones ? i prefer the blue ones because i love blue color
3. Do you enjoy watching Tv or go to the cinema ? i enjoy watching TV
4. Do you love chinese food ? yes of course
5. Do you prefer cat or dog ? i prefer dog than cat because it an keep the house save from thief
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