Sintia:happy birthday!
ryan:oh...sintia! surprising! thank you very much, eome in
sintia:thank you .it is for you ( hands a pack of gift )
ryan:thank you
sintia:do not mention it
ryan:well, you looked, beautiful with the green pol kadot dress
sintia:thank you my mother made it for me one year ago
ryan:may I open it ( hold the gift pack )
sintia:sure I hope you like it
ryan:wow, it is very nice, a grey sweater you made it by your self?
sintia:yes I did I made it for two weeks
ryan:a nice birthday gift live ever got once thank you very much
sintia:you`re welcome

1.where does the conversation take place?
2.what is the purpose of sintia coming to ryan house?
3.what does kind of cloth sintia wear?
4.what is the thing insede the pack?
5.what thing made the gift so special?



2014-01-13T14:57:05+07:00 birthday party attend a birthday party and give gifts to ryan pol kadot  dress
a grey sweater
as made ​​by sintia
. mana percakapan terjadi? rumah. apa tujuan dari sintia datang ke rumah ryan? mengucapkan selamat ulang tahun. apa jenis kain sintia memakai pakaian?. apa hal insede pak?. apa hal membuat hadiah begitu istimewa? karena teman-teman saya datang ke pesta

maaff ya kalauu slh and ada yang tidak ada jwabannya