1. At first
2. firtst to all
3. Second, third, etc
4. after that
5. at last

maaf kalo salah.
Komentar sudah dihapus
1. Boby is buying floers to her friends (active) Flowers are being bought by Boby to her friends(pasive) .2.Freddy was feeding fishes to him cat. (Active).Fishes were being fed by Freddy to him cat. (passive). 3.Tono washes bag every week. (Active).Bags are washed by Tono every week. (passive) begini?
bukan harus ada : next , before , until , after , finally , firstly , then , and last
aku gatau..maaf ya aku ga bisa ngasih jawaban yang bener
gakpapa kok
one day,some time,then, a long time ago,when, first,finally,,