Last morning, Dinar, my roommate woke up late and she had to go to campus.
When she wanted to take her motorcycle, in fact she couldn’t move it because there were some motorcycles that blocked up her motorcycle.
She tried to move all of the motorcycles, so that her motorcycle could move from the garage. But she couldn’t do it.
Then, she called Adel who had that motorcycle which blocked it up. After that, her friend who had that motorcycle helped her. Finally, she could move her motorcycle and rode it to go to campus.

Semoga membantu :)
itu bukan news-_-
baru juga nyari di internet nemunya juga gitu
Jakarta ( ANTARA News ) - Vice Chairman of the Assembly Lukman Hakim Saifuddin reminded that the dispute resolution process results in the 2014 election of the Constitutional Court , transparent process to restore public confidence in the judiciary .
" The existence of public distrust of the constitutional judges due Akil case , then transparency should be put forward by the Court , " said Lukman Hakim at the Parliament Building , Jakarta , Monday.

Besides transparency , according to him , is important because of election disputes not only between the two parties involved in the dispute , but also have an impact on the vote of other political parties .

The Court appreciates that it has formed a Board of Ethics so that people can report things that allegedly deviate related legal proceedings in the Constitutional Court .

Lukman warned that the Court should be able to resolve the dispute over the election results all cases within 30 days according to the law because if Pileg delayed settlement , could have implications for the delay in the implementation of the Presidential Election .

" Trials in the Court no later than 30 days had a request litigant parties registered in the Court , " he said .

He also asked the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) and the Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) to oversee the 2014 election that the election results could truly reflect the will of the majority. " There should be no manipulation there , there can be no fraud in the election tally because the election was essentially a manifestation of the sovereignty of the people , " he said .