Susan : Hi ambar, what are you doing? ambar : i am making a plan for the next month holiday. Susan : What? You make a plan for the holiday. So, you always have activities on holiday? ambar : Of course. My family always makes a plan for our holidays. Susan : Really? That is very enjoyable. By the way, what did you do on the last holiday? ambar : We went to a very beautiful island. it’s located in the northern part of our country. There we saw a very wonderful view. How about you? What do you usually do on holiday? Susan : i don’t do anything. Every holiday, i usually go to my grandmother in the village. That’s all i do because my parents are very busy. ambar : Why are they busy? Susan : They never have time for me. They are always busy doing their jobs. ambar : How if you come with my family to spend your holiday? Susan : i am afraid, my parents will not allow me. They must send me to my grandmother’s house. ambar : i think, they do that because they love you and there will be your grandmother who will take care of you. Susan : May be like that. Let’s go to canteen. i am very starving. ambar : Let’s go. i am also starving. semoga membantu^^