My Home

My home is big. There are 3 bedrooms. My bedroom is near the living room. Next to my bedroom is my parents' bedroom. It is a big bedroom. There is a bathroom inside. The next bedroom is for guest. Sometimes my family comes to stay for a night. They take a rest in that room. The kitchen is in the back part of my house. It is not big. There are a refrigerator, gas stove, and some kitchen utensils. My kitchen is very clean. My mother always sweep the floor everyday. There is a small backyard behind my home. In the corner of the backyard, there are a bathroom and toilet. We plant some trees around the yard. My mother also plants some vegetables
My Lovely Home

My lovely home is located on Jalan Sudirman Number 10, Surabaya, East Java. I live here with my brother, my parent and also my grandmother. My home has 10 rooms, Those are my bedroom, my elder brother bedroom, my parent bedroom, my grandma bedroom, guest bedroom, kitchen, dining room, toilet, and television room.

My home also has this minimalist garden. My mother loves to put some flowers here, such as jasmine and rose. We also have storage room to save some thing which won't be used anymore. And my home also have parking room for my brother and my father to put our motorcycles and car.

Well, this is my lovely home. Are you interested to visit my home? Come and play sometime!