Beautiful, slowly, wet, small, disgusting, slimy, slippery, colorfull, sticky,elastic
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These animals usually live in the ocean even though some live on land. His body soft, slimy, and bermantel, usually protected by a shell of calcium. besides protect the body, the shell also serves to protect the organ that is in the stomach contents. Shell which protects a skeleton framework that deisebut Body Case safe environment. 

shelled slimy soft-bodied 

shells spineless body body is always slimy has a unique eye (if surprised by stimuli or touched it will be bolted into or hiding) 

Snails have a hard body armor and powerful called this kind cangkang.Hewan protect themselves from their enemies by entering into the body shell. In addition to snails, turtles, and turtle shells are also used to protect themselves from their enemies.
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