buat drama ya tentang menuju kemana setelah sma 
gk jelas lah 
maaf mauk berhenti sayang koin

Axel: Hey, it just about less then 2 months u'll be graduate from high school.
Allen: yeah, time does running so fast.
Axel: What u gonna do after graduate? Working or go to collage?
Allen: I think I'm going to work.
Axel: Ow, you'll make big money, so..
Allen: How 'bout you? what you gonna do after u pass from your study in university?
Axell: I'm not sure. I dream to be an author and move from this city.
Allen: U don't need to wait until graduate if u wanna be an author.
Axel: I know, i just feel kind of worry. What if i get no job after i graduate.
Allen: Why don't u sent your novels in book publisher. I've read some of your novel. And I think they're awesome.
Axel: I'm not sure about that...
Allen: I think you should try.
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