Indonesia adalah negaraku..
Catatan marcopolo dan catatan tome pires
Catatan  Marco Polo
Kublai Khan declined the Polos' requests to leave China. They became worried about returning home safely, believing that if Kublai died, his enemies might turn against them because of their close involvement with the ruler. In 1292, Kublai's great-nephew, then ruler of Persia, sent representatives to China in search of a potential wife, and they asked the Polos to accompany them, so they were permitted to return to Persia with the wedding party – which left that same year from Zaitun in southern China on a fleet of 14 junks. The party sailed to the port of Singapore, travelled north to Sumatra.
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Indonesia adalah negara kepulauan yang terbentang dari sabang sampai merauke, terdiri banyak suku bangsa dan budaya yang berbeda tetapi tetap satu dalan naungan Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, Jayalah Negaraku... Jayalah Indonesiaku