Friend,tolong buatin dialog dengan situasi berikut ya:
1)your father wants to buy a bicycle for you.he is confused whether he should buy a new bicycle or a secondhand one.your uncle has offered his old bicycle to your was used by andre ,your cousin.your father asks for you opinion about would the conversation go?
2)your shoes are old and ask your mother to buy you new would the conversation go?
3)your sister is busy watering the flowers in the offer to help would the conversation go?

tolong dibantu ya please............. :)



1) mungkin bisa gini
father : "Hey, do you want a bicycle?"
me     : "Of course i want, but i'm not forcing you to buy a bicycle for me dad"
father : "Oh, no. i'm not forced, i was just thinking that your score is excellent these past weeks"
me     : "Hmm, thanks dad"
father  : "Oh, well. it's not decided yet, i'm just asking you"
me     : "yeah, i know that. just for your information, Andre's bicycle is amazing"
father  : "eh? really? it's decided then"
me      : "what? why?"
on the next day, i was astonished when i saw a bicycle in front of my house. it looks fabulous, exactly the same as the bicycle that i wish.