My Vacation
I spent my vacation on Pasir Putih Situbondo. It's a beautiful beach laying between Situbondo and Besuki. It has a long beach and a fantastic scenery. It was 31 December 2011. The day was dark. It seemed to rain. It was 1 p.m. when my family and I left Jember. We rode a car to Pasir Putih. On the way, it was raining heavily. The street was wet. The car ran slowly because the driver couldn't see more than 10 meters. It took around 3 hours to arrive at Pasir Putih. The beach looked so nice. Then, we sat down on the beach. Children played in the water.

maaf kalo salah :)

Kalimat aja yak
me and family went to the borobudur temple yesterday. we had a lot of fun there, the temperature was boiling but it wasn't really a big problem because the scenery was beautiful.
semoga grammar nya bener, maaf pendek /w/