Borobudur was built by Samaratungga , a king of the ancient Mataram kingdom which is also a descendant of Sailendra dynasty in the 8th century . The existence of Borobudur was first revealed by Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles in 1814 . At that time , Borobudur found in ruined condition and was buried in the ground . The temple consists of 10 levels actually have an overall height of 42 meters . However, after the restoration , the overall height of the temple is only 34.5 meters with a building area of the temple as a whole of 123 x 123 meters ( 15,129 m2 ) . Each level on the Borobudur temple from the first floor to lanyai six has a square shape , while starting from the seventh floor to the tenth floor is round .

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the 9th century . According to the inscription Kayumwungan , revealed that Borobudur was completed on May 26, 824 , or nearly 100 years since its initial construction. It is said that the name Borobudur means a mountain having terraces - the terrace or also called budhara . But others say that Borobudur means monastery on the high place .

Some experts said that the position of the Borobudur Temple is located at an altitude of 235 meters above sea level . It is based on a study of the geologists who are able to prove that Borobudur at the time was a large lake area so most of the villages around Borobudur Temple were located at the same height , including Pawon and Mendut .

Based on the inscription dated 842 AD , a historian Casparis stated that Borobudur is a place to pray . Where in the prasasi contain the word " Kawulan i Bhumi Sambhara " which means the origin of holiness and Sambara Bhumi is the name of a corner at the Borobudur Temple . Each floor of the Borobudur Temple contains a different theme - different because at each level represent the stages of human life . This is in accordance with the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism that everyone who wants to reach the level of perfection as the Buddha had to through every level of life . On each floor there is a relief in Borobudur Temple - relief which when read by coherently will take us around the Borobudur temple clockwise .