I have a hamster. It is small and cute. I give him a name, Dion. I bought him last month when I visited Jogjakarta. I really love him. Dion has 3 different colours, white, orange and black. His eyes and ears are small. He always squeaks in the time I come close to his cage. Every morning I feed him. Dion likes to eat some grass and leaves. I takes the grass from the field near my house. Dion looks happy to eat it.

Bonjour mes amis seraient décrire mon animal préféré. Chat, c'est mon animal de compagnie que je l'ai appelé memillikki Bery haute de 45 cm et un poids d'environ 4 kg memillikki 4 pieds avec des couleurs pourpres et blanches, donc je describsi.