1.can i see your photo album?
2.close the door please ?
3.can you write your phone number please?
4.do you have a ruler?
5.do you have a eraser?
6.can you come to my home tonight?
7.can you help me please?
8.Would you like to pick up me go home?
9.Would you like to accompany me to the party?
10.Would you like to write the letter for me?


Can i borrow you pen?
may i borrow your bag?
could you give some money?
can borrow you car?
do you have a coin?
do you have a pencil?
can i borrow your homework?
can you buy me a ice cream
can you play some musik now?
close the door, please
may i get some point now?
1.tolong bukalah pintu itu = please , open the door
2.tolong tutuplah jendela = please close the window
3.andi , tolong ambil bola itu  = andi , please grab the ball
4.tolong kirim surat itu badu = please, send the letter , badu
5.mirza,tolong pinjami aku pensil = mirza , please lend ma a pencil
sorry ya qw cma bisa 5 permintaan adja sekali lagi sorry yaaaaaa