add the missing words to complete the following sentences

1.that man ... obey the regulation,does he?

2.she ... like drinking milk,does she?

3.I ... waiting for the bus,aren't I? .... believe in me,did you?

5.he ... be happy,should he?

6.ina .... answer the question,wouldn't she? ... come here by taxi,will you?

8.we .... go together,shalll we?

9.they ... finished the work,haven't they?

10.she .... sweeping the yard,is she?

tolong dong bantuin jawab ya?



1. That man doesn't obey the regulation, does he?
2. She doesn't like drinking milk, does she?
3. I am waiting for the bus, aren't I?
4. You didn't believe me, did you?
5. He shouldn't be happy, should he?
6. Ina would answer the question, wouldn't she?
7. You won't come here by taxi, will you?
8. [kurang yakin] We shan't go together, shall we?
9. They have finished the work, haven't they?
10. She isn't sweeping the yard, is she?