Above my desk at home there’s a simple slogan - ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher’.
And I do. Every day. I give thanks for the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given by a succession of great teachers - from Mr Gillanders to Mike Duncan, Mrs Christie to Cath Richmond.
Every day I also give thanks for the amazing work being done by the teachers who are starting the new school year this week.
I am fortunate as Education Secretary because we have the best generation of teachers ever in our classrooms - including the very best generation ever of young teachers - those who have entered our classrooms over the last few years.
Whenever I can, I give thanks for their work - not just privately, but on any public platform I’m given. Including this one.
This government is determined to do all it can to support the teaching profession.
Because there can never have been a more important time to be a teacher.
Teachers hold in their hands the success of our country and the wellbeing of its citizens; they are the key to helping every child in this country to realise their full potential.
Teachers are the most important fighters in the battle to make opportunity more equal.
Teachers are the critical guardians of the intellectual life of the nation.
Teachers give children the tools by which they can become authors of their own life story and builders of a better world.