Oki setiana dewi ( born in batam, riau islands, 13 january 1989; 25 years of age ) is a cast of indonesia played figure anna in the film when love bertasbih.

oki bleedin jawa-palembang, born of a pair suliyanto and yunifah lismawati., since the age of 16 oki has wander to and settle in java depok.High school alumni land 1 depok is then at the university of indonesia.Oki 'd play at several ftv before finally decided to berjilbab in 2005.His career in the arts, the role of being stopped before finally portray the character main story when bertasbih woman in love.
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Weak voice she asked me not the same dear mama indigo?? I nod Tilapia are also dear mama with tears continued to trickle slowly kubisikan ears? reply dear mama come on nila nila continued remembrance. He illahhaillah laillahhaillaha .. I did not hear suaranya.aku hug tubuhnya.gadis periangku was gone forever. Mersa tilapia had no pain anymore, and suffering ... my dear indigo has quietly returned to the gods