Meanwhile in the afternoon, Rima is interviewing her sister, Lena who worked as a teller bank.
Rima      : Good Afternoon Lena!
Lena        :Good Afternoon Rima!
Rima      : May I interview you?
Lena      : Yes you may...
Rima      : As a teller bank, how many costumers do you get everyday?
Lena      : About a hundred person in holidays and 60-70 person in work days.
Rima      : How long does your work take time?
Lena      : About 10 hours..
Rima      : What time do you started and finished working?
Lena      : I started working at 7.00 a.m. and finished working at 5.00 p.m.
Rima      : What bank do you worked in?
Lena      : I worked at Century Bank
Rima      : Okay, that's all i can asked. Thank you....
Lena      : You're welcome..