My name is Sysca Yuliaeni Permana. Some people call me “Sysca”. Now, I’m 20 years old and I live in Jakarta. I live with my parents and my brother. I’m student in Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof Dr Hamka. I have habitual action that I do every day. This is my daily activities. Every morning I get up at 5 o’clock, and I go to bathroom to take a bath, I brush my teeth and I clean my body with the soap. Then I take wudhu. After I finish my bathe, I wear clothes and pray shubuh. After that I clean my bedroom, and sweep the floor and the yard. And I have breakfast with my family. After all neat, I drove my mother and my brother to school by motorcycle. Then I back to home. I wash the dishes. After I finished cleaning the house, I watch TV to relax while waiting for 9 hours. I put the make-up on then I go to campus. Because I am student in semester now, I’m free from my college schedule except Monday and Friday. My school begins at half past seven am to eleven p.m. every Friday. I usually arrive in my campus at 10.00 am. I go straight to library. In library, I open the computer to see some Skripsi on the computer, I feel happy in library because in there I can study and discuss with my friends about our Paper or Skripsi. I usually go home from campus at 05.00 pm after the library closed. After I arrive in home, I clean my foot, then I watch Korean drama on TV. After I hear adzan maghrib, I go straight maghrib praying then I holly quran before study. Then I pray isya. After isya praying, I take dinner, watching TV or relax with my family until 08.00 pm. Then I do my home work and study. After that I go to sleep and so on. All in all, my daily activity is very happily and I always feel good about my live.
S + V-1
S +/- auxiliary(do/does) + bare infinitive
S + be(am/is/are)
She likes eating out
The children are naughty.negatif
S + aux. verb(do/does) + not + bare infinitive
S + be(am/is/are) + not
She doesn’t like eating out
The children aren’t naughtyinterogatif
Do/Does + S + bare infinitive
Be(am/is/are) + S
Does she like eating out
Are the children naughty