Tolong dong jawabin QUESTION TAG ini:
1.everything is okay,...? must be careful,....?
3.we could have gone to the party,....?
4.shinta is too young for your girlfriend,...?
5.the bag is for her,....?
6.I am a diligent student,......? must not let her unhappy,....?
8.there isn't a gift for you,...?
9.everybody likes yuni,..? have eaten breakfast,...?
11.she seldom eat junk food,...?
12.we have a new car,...?
13.we do not learn english perfectly,..?
14.bruno is never pay attention to you,...?
15.let's go to the party,....?



1. everything is okay, isn't it?
5. the bag is for her, isn't it?
1. isn't it? 2. mustn't be? 3. haven't we? 4. isn't she? 5. isn't it? 6. am i? 7. must you? 8. is it? 9. don't they? 10. haven't you? 11. doesn't she? 12. haven't we? 13. do we? 14. doesn't he? 15. *gatau