Membuat dialog tentang :
1. your sister is frying potato chips when arrive. they smell good and your sister offers you to taste some. how would the conversation go ?
2. your friend has anew hair style. you say that she looks young and charming. she likes your respond. you want to knowwho the hairdresser is. she tells you about it. how would the conversation go ?



Jawaban no 2 ya
annisa: hey thalia, did you cut your hair ?
thalia : yea,what do you think about my hair?
annisa: i think it's very pretty and beautiful
thalia ; thank you
annisa : i want to know who did cut your hair ? 
thalia : why you ask?
annisa : because i want cut my hair too 
thalia; her name is lucy
annisa : okay thanks for your help

jawaban no 1 

alya ; mmm who is frying the potato 
tania ; me do you want this potato  
alya ; of course
tania ; okay this is it
alya ; the taste is delicious
tania ; thank you
alya ;youre welcome