oke, makasih kaka
atau biar gampang, coba kamu liat di belakang bungkus mie instan, biasanya ada saran penyajian.. itu juga sudah bisa disebut procedure text.. semangat
thank's Gan
yoi gan,,, sundul
procedure about how to make a story
firstly,make a theme/title.Secondly,choose the content of the story.Thirdly,choose the place that the story happens.Finally,make a story with the technical language to make the story look great.


How To Make Fruit IceMaterials :MangoAvocadosugar waterMilkIceAppleStrawberriesWineJackfruitSteps :First, Cut the fruit round or dice.then, Scratching the flesh of a melon.then, Boil sugar with water until cooked for about 30 minutes.Next, Put in serving glasses that have been cut round pieces or dice.then, to taste Pour the sugar water, put ice cubes and put milk on ice fruit.Last, put the decorations on the glass with a piece of strawberry on it.
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                                         how to make a glass of syrup
ingredients : syrup, could water, and ice cube
materials    :spoon, a glass
step           :
1. pour seven tablespoons syrup into glass
2. pour 50ml of water in a glass, and stir until blended
3. add ice cube into glass
                                        a glass syrup ready o serve

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