1. Konja: “, What will we do on Saturday night?”
| Dida: “I think watch a movie is better”. | Kokot: “Lately, what is the famous movie?” I Ama: “emmm… 5cm. It is good and interesting movie.” | Konja: “Yes, I like this. Moreover, I have the movie.” | Dida: “Yes, I agree”
2. Salsa: "Hey! look at my new wristwatch, isn't  it cool?" | Ama: "Yeah I agree with you, your wristwatch is so cool"
1. Welly: "What do you think about this cake?" | Anne: "I think this cake is delicious" | Welly: "Hmmm I don't think so :3"
2. Shine: " Hey what do u think about this movie?" | Zedo: "I think this movie is really good." | John: "I don't think so. This movie is so boring that I sleep while watch it"