1.Past Tense
Long time ago,there lived a widow,named Nimas Inten.She never gave the meal to the poor.One day,there was a beggar.He came to Nimas Inten's home and asked for the meal.But,Nimas Inten didn't give him anything.Sorrowfully,the beggar left Nimas Inten's home and pray to God.Than a moment later,there was rain heavily all the day,and then flood came.Nimas Inten just stayed in home.So,Nimas Inten and her properties were sink in the water.

2.Present Tense
Hani gets up at 5 o'clock.After that,she takes a bath and wears her uniform.Hani has breakfast with her family.She eats fried rice and scrambled egg.She goest to school at 6 o'clock by her bycycle.She is a nice student.
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