Be + subject + adj or noun 
1.Is she kind
2.Are you good
3.Am I cool
4.Is it fine
5.Is she beautiful
6.Are they flowers
7.Is it a cake
8.Is he sick
9.Are they houses
10.Is it water

1.Do you know it
2.Does she go to school
3.Does he do the homework
4.Do they talk at the field
5.Does it play alone
6.Does he play at outside
7.Do I watch television
8.Does he learn the subject
9.Do you love it
10.Do you accept it
2 3 2
Are You Sure
It Is Cake
Am I Kind
Is He Cool
Is she Beautiful
Are They Smart 

Do You Know ?
does He Know 
Do They Kind ?

Maaf , baru bisa ini :)
1 4 1