I have a friend, namely ..... he/she ia very kind. he/she always help me when i have a trouble, he/she always accompany me everytime and everywhere, also he/she is very smart so i can learn from her/him. i'm very proud to have her/him as my friend. thanks for you to wanna be my friend. i love you!!!
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Ni saya buatin introduce nya dulu ya
   dita is one of my best friend she always help me to solve my problems and always behind me when i need her. and the most important of all she never lie to me. now,she is sixteen years old, she is student of state senior high school 2 in depok. 
Dita is the first daughter of mr zayan and mrs mukarohmah so its the reason why her mother really 2 love her
nah untuk berikutnya lanjut ke physical features(penampilan fisik) misal she has wavy hair,brown skinned, almond shaped eyes etc
abis itu the way she dressed(gimana caranya dia berpenampilan) misal dita is an attractive girl in her pink sweater
the last,description personality and others misal she older than me or blabla
tandai sebagaii jawaban terbaik ya