1. The driknk....sweet.
a. feels c. tasted e. smels
b. tastes d. felt

2. Your brath .... alcohol.
a. tastes c.smells e. keeps
b. feels d. looks

3. The troops......ready to attack now.
a. were c. does e. are
b. was d. do

4. One of my sisters...... a doctor today.
a. becomes c. became e. be
b. become d. to be

5. We are here....very sad to hear the disaster.
a. looks c. looked e. feels
b. look d. feeling

6. Arrange the following jumbled words into a good sentence!



1. c. tasted 2. c. smells 3. b. was 4. c. became 5. e. feels
she is slim and has beautiful long black hair
1. c. tasted
2. c. smells
3. e. are
4. c. became
5. e. feels
6. she has beautiful long black hair and she is slim 
semoga berguna
maaf ya klo salah