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Unity in the Diversity of Cultures that Exist in Indonesia

Culture of Indonesian society is very diverse because it consists of a variety of ethnicities, races, religions, languages , customs. The diversity of cultures is what causes people in Indonesia to be unique and different from other people in the world.

Firstly, the diversity of tribes and religions were adopted, for example in Indonesia Javanese religion professed by the Javanese are Muslim, Catholic, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist. Batak tribe who embraced the Christian religion, Catholicism, and Islam. And many more tribes and religions in Indonesia.

Secondly, the diversity of views of custom homes, each region has a different house for example Jakarta : Home Kebaya and Home Warehouse, West Java House Kesepuhan, London : Ward Kencono, Java : Joglo, Bali : Temple Gate Bentar. And much more because each region has a different house.

Lastly, respect for cultural diversity in Indonesia so that there is no conflict between our example with respect to other groups that run the habits and customs, culture results do not insult other tribes, would watch the traditional performing arts, proud of the culture in the country.

We should be proud of, has a diverse ethnic and cultural. Ethnic and cultural diversity is the wealth of our nation. In fact we also had missed , native culture we claimed or recognized as indigenous cultures of other nations. So we have to unite our diverse culture that is not claimed other nations. If we are united we will not disintegrate even though we have different cultures and diverse.



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