1.tolong deskripsikan job dari fireman ya? tolong word nya lebih dari 100 word
2.tolong deskripsikan job dari babysitter? word harus 100 word ya
3.tolong juga deskripsikan job dari optict? sama 100 word juga



1. Fireman
Fireman is one of the most important job in the world. Fireman come to a burning buildings, or place. with his fireman's car. Fireman can control or extinguish the fire using a big water. fireman is a hero. because his job buildings, people, and many others can save. if you decided to choose fireman as your job later, Fireman is also a dangerous job. because the fireman fight with the fire. if the fireman lose, he will burn and many people will dead, but if the fireman win many people can save. We can know fireman by two ways, the first by his uniform and his car, the fireman's uniform is usually reg with yellow and have a hard hat, the Fireman's car is red, in the car there was ladders, hoses, wather spraying machines, and etc.
2. Baby Sitter
Baby Sitter is a difficult job. because take care a baby is not easy. we know that baby sitter is a job that take care baby, when the baby's mother go or another. The Baby sitter job usually do by female. but male too can do this job. baby sitter must take care the baby if the baby cry, watching the baby playing, change the baby's diapers, give food to the baby, make the baby sleep, and many others. so if you want to be a baby sitter you must have a skill to do it, because if you dont have skill, the baby maybe will be in dangerous
i dont know the definition of optict. i hope this is useful.

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