Jawaban paling cerdas!
We often hear about solar cars, solar heating, and solar batteries. But will solar energy ever be a major source of energy for society? Solar energy is cheaper than other fossil fuels because we can get an abundant source from the sun. In sunny desert areas, 50% of the sun's radiation that reaches the ground could be used to produce electricity for business and industry and to provide heat, light, and hot water for homes. Experimental solar ponds can also produce hot water to drive generators. 
Unfortunately, we can't yet power our homes entirely on sunlight. Solar energy can be used effectively in bright light. Its greatest potential therefor is in hot country that have clear skies for most of the year. But, unfortunately most houses are not in the sunniest part of the world. Moreover, in order to harness power solar cells are very cheap to run, but relatively expensive to buy and many people can't afford them. 
Needless to say, solar energy is useful and non-pollution source of energy. Unfortunately, solar cells, the main device to harness the sun's energy are still very expensive. 
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